Why use ‘WordonWiki’?

WordonWiki is an online Wiki service that lets you use the full-blown Microsoft Office Word 2007 editor. This service is right for you if:

  • You need an easy to use, simple and powerful Wiki,
  • You hesitate to go through the trouble of getting software installed on your company server,
  • You need to get authors on board that may be reluctant to learn new ‘wysiwyg’ and textile like editors.

How does this work?

The mechanics of our service are quite straightforward. Each Wiki page is a Microsoft Office Word document saved as html. You can browse them in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Inside pages, you can insert references to other pages. To edit a page, you need to install a small piece of software on your local pc: the WordonWiki Client.

When you click “Edit page”, the WordonWiki Client downloads the page and launches Microsoft Office Word. When you are done editing, the same client program uploads the page again to the server.

If you use multiple computers to edit Wiki pages, you need to install the WordonWiki client on all these computers.

Do you use a Microsoft Office Word plug-in?

No, the small WordonWiki Client program you need to install is merely responsible for downloading pages from the server, and then trigger Microsoft Office Word to load it. When the page is saved, the same program detects the file is saved and will upload the page to the server.

Does this work on Mac, Linux, …?

It does if you only need to browse Wiki content. Editing is Windows only. As long as you have XP, Vista or even Windows7 with Microsoft Office Word 2007 on it, you’re OK.

What Microsoft Office Word version do I need?

Officially, we support Microsoft Office Word 2007 only. However, many of our users report that the service works without problems in Microsoft Office Word 2003.

Will this mess with my Office installation?

No, the only thing we do is launch Microsoft Office Word from within the WordonWiki Client. We download each page as a file to your local disk. Then ask Microsoft Office Word to open it by launching it. There is no add-in or other messing around with Word or Microsoft Office.

Are you open source?

We are a paid service and do not offer our software in the open source model. However, as we are using a lot of Open Software (linux, mysql, ...) we encourage everyone of our engineering staff to actively participate and contribute to open source projects.

What licenses do I need?

WordonWiki is a subscription based service. Note that our service does not include any Microsoft license. You need to make sure that you are using licensed versions for the Office products that you are using.

Do you support OpenOffice?

This is one of the top items on our roadmap. Please send us your vote if you too want to have this feature. Other popular requests are support for other Microsoft Office components like Excel and Powerpoint. Feel free to mail us your vote for them (too) if you want.

What are pages & folders?

A page is maintained as a single Microsoft Office Word document, and is also edited as a document. To organize pages better, you can put pages in folders. This keeps related pages together. Later we will be adding more features on the folder level. You will be able to set privileges on the folder level that are automatically taken over by the pages contained in it. Note that you cannot put folders in folders.

Do you support Microsoft Office Word XP, 2003, 97?

Some of our users have reported that Microsoft Office Word 2003 works perfectly in combination with WordonWiki. Our primary target is Word 2007 and most of our testing is done on Microsoft Office Word 2007. Other versions of Word (XP, 2000, 97) will not work as they cannot save documents as html.

I cannot have my documents stored on external servers. Can we install your software on our servers?

An often requested feature. Contact us for inquiries.

How do you calculate space requirements?

We simply consolidate all server space taken up by pages, its revisions and attachments. Database sizes are relatively low in comparison with page sizes.

Can I use textile, markdown?

Sorry now, there are many fine Wikis supporting this feature.

Can I migrate my current Wiki to WordonWiki?

"If you can copy it, you can paste it." As Microsoft Office Word is more forgiving than other Wiki editors, often you have little problem for this type of manual conversion. We advise to copy the ‘view’ state of your pages, not the ‘edit’ state.

The method above works well if you don’t have many pages, or when you are not concerned with keeping older revisions, or not interested in keeping the exact author/page.

What are the support hours?

Mon-Fri / 9am-6pm EST